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Thursday, 26-04-2018

Cool-System Company Information

Cool-System KEG GmbH has been developer and worldwide patent holder since 1999 for a sorption cooler for the cooling of liquids with capacities between 5,0l and 60,0l.Marketing began in the year 2000 and concentrated on the self chilling beer and wine kegs. A dedicated CoolKeg production plant with an output of 35,000-50,000 CoolKegs/CoolChurns was built and commissioned in 2003 in Burkau, Germany. In the following 5 years over 100,000 CoolKegs have been delivered worldwide. The components necessary in order to be able to regenerate and label the CoolKegs after one cooling cycle - the CoolKeg Charger and the CoolKeg Sleever - were developed and patented by Cool-System KEG GmbH. 

As a system supplier Cool-System KEG GmbH also offers tapping sets, tapping tables, labels etc.

The latest product of Cool-System KEG GmbH is the selfchilling milk churn - CoolChurn. The CoolChurn, as a milk churn, has been developed for the cooling and transportation of milk in developing countries. Cool-System KEG GmbH succeeded with the aid of the CoolChurn system to build a cooling chain between the milk farmer and the dairy company in a pilot project in Uganda.

In 2012 CoolSystem developed with ViscoTec hopextract dosing equipment for 200 litre barrels. The equipment needs less space than any other available system and there is in future no need for heating up the extract during the dosing operation. CoolSystem is announced as the exclusive sales company of ViscoTec for the brewing industry.